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The purpose of this website is to provide students of the Bible a quick and easy reference to the historical and scriptural evidence for Fulfilled Eschatology—also known as  Preterism, Realized Eschatology, and Covenant Eschatology. Papers #1 and #2 are foundational for this understanding.   


In 1960, the great Christian apologist, C. S. Lewis, wrote that Mark 13:30 “is certainly the most embarrassing verse in the Bible” where Jesus said, “Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away before all these things take place.”   Sadly, instead of questioning the futurist tradition of the church regarding the second coming, he believed Jesus was in error.  He would have been on much more sensible ground to become cognizant of the futurist glasses he was wearing, gifted to him by the “traditions of men.”  To say Jesus “got it wrong” leaves us with nothing but a flawed savior and unreliable book.

When the New Testament is read in its historical context of the very near destruction of Jerusalem and the Old Covenant, the apocalyptic passages are no longer “embarrassing” but wonderfully and precisely fulfilled.  The following papers uphold the veracity of scripture and place us in awe and wonder regarding this LORD who declares the end from the beginning.
Video List

1. Time Statements of the Second Coming Demand First Century Fulfillment
2. The Day of The Lord Has Happened Many Times
3. Second Coming Passages Require first Century Fulfillment
4. Babylon, Harlot of Revelation, Was First Century Jerusalem
5. The Christian (Messianic) Age Has No End
6. Remarkable Coincidences of Bible Prophecy and First Century Events
7. “Already, but Not Yet”
8. Revelation 21 and 22 Are Already Fulfilled
9. The Death of Adam was Spiritual Death, Not Physical
10. Hell is Not in the Bible
11. Ascension of Jesus Examined
12. Olivet Discourse Fulfilled in the First Century Mt. 24—part 1
13. Olivet Discourse Fulfilled in the First Century Mt. 24—part 2
14. Dating the Book of Revelation
15. Who Are “God’s People”?
16. Comparisons-Olivet Discourse & I Cor. 15 and Mt. 24 &I Thes 4-5
17. Context for the New Testament is the Coming War with Rome
18. Heaven and Earth Have Already Passed Away
19. The Sheep and Goats Judgment is Not What You Think
20. Man of Sin
21. Ten Kings and Little Horn (Theory) Daniel 7
22. The Seventy Weeks of Years Daniel 9:24
23. The Abomination That Causes Desolation (Theory) SEE REVISION #54 “DESOLATIONS ARE DETERMINED”
24. Parousia – Presence of Jesus Christ Scriptures
25. Bias in Translation—“Mello”
26. Officials of First Century Israel
27. “The Millennium” Lasted Forty Years- Revelation 20
28. Ancient Israel Was the Fourth Kingdom/Beast, Not Rome
29. The Context of Luke Was The Coming Roman-Jewish War AD 67-70
30. The Law Did Not Pass Away “At the Cross”
31. Man of Sin part 2
32. Christian Meditation Is Communion With God
33. Parallels of Revelation and Josephus’ “Wars of the Jews”
34. The Two Witnesses of Revelation 11
35. Jesus’ Prophecies Fulfilled! Historical Evidence
36. The Beast Part 1
37. The Beast Part 2
38. The Beast Part 3
39. The Beast 666
40. Addendum to Beast 666
41. Accuser of Brothers
42. Rome Was Not The Beast
43. Daniel 11, An Interpretation
44. Daniel 12 Corresponds to Matthew 24
45. Biblical Answer to Tyranny
46. Biblical Basis of Government
47. The Rapture is Not Biblical
48. Who was Gog
49. No Future Second Coming
50. Song of Moses
51. Key Repeated Patterns of Revelation
52. Seven Kings of Revelation
53. Three Fallen Kings and the Little Horn
54. Desolations Are Determined
55. Josephus: “They Did Not Repent”
56. Elements Melt With Fervent Heat
57. The Throne Scene of Revelation 4
58. Genesis Establishes Essential Spiritual Truths
59. Serpent in the Garden was not Satan
60. Problems with the Idea of “satan” in the Old Testament
61. Problems with the Word “satan” in the New Testament
62. “Satan” in Job
63. Did the Devil Tempt Jesus?
64. A Study of “Satan” by Francis Beffert
65. Are There Wicked Angels in Jude?
66. “The Ruler of this World” is not Satan
67. Are there Evil Powers in Heaven?
68. War In Heaven – Revelation 12
69. Lucifer was not a Fallen Angel
70. Beautiful Fallen Angel?
71. Council of Gods or Men?
72. “Angels Kept in Eternal Chains” — Jude
73. Casting Out Demons
74. The Nephilim
75. Jesus Identified the Beast of Revelation