35 Jesus’ Prophecies Fulfilled!
Historical Evidence

History verifies the accuracy of Jesus’s prophesies of the coming tribulation and war.

We are seeking to strip away the false assumptions and unbiblical “traditions of men” that hinder understanding the nature of “the Day of the Lord” or “the second coming,” as it is commonly called. The meaning of this event is obscured by futuristic assumptions and must be comprehended using a sound, contextual hermeneutic allowing scripture to interpret scripture. We are espousing “fulfilled eschatology”.


User-friendly free access to “The Wars of the Jews”. This reference starts with book 2, after the death of Herod the Great. https://onlineancientwitness.wordpress.com/josephus-jewish-war-book-2/#JJW-2.3

See also fact sheet/video #26 for helps in reading Josephus

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