40 Addendum to Beast 666

This  is an addendum to video and paper #39 with further evidence that 666 was a reference to Solomon.  

In these videos, we are seeking to strip away the false assumptions and unbiblical “traditions of men” that hinder understanding the nature of “the Day of the Lord” or “the second coming,” as it is commonly called.  The meaning of this event is obscured by futuristic assumptions and must be comprehended using a sound, contextual hermeneutic allowing scripture to interpret scripture.   We are espousing “fulfilled eschatology”. 


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Please see Daniel Roger’s website:  labornotinvain.com, “David Had Two Sons: Shedding Light on 666

Read 1 Kings:1-12 and 2 Chr.: 1-10 for a fuller view of the excesses of Solomon

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